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We are located in Southern California in the beautiful desert community of Morongo Valley. Get Dirty Dirt Bikes is an official dealer of Beta Motorcycles and your California Connection for Beta Parts and Accessories!  Looking for Beta OEM partsShorai long lasting lithium batteries? We can help you with our online store as well as in-house! We carry most Beta parts as well as thousands of dirt and street accessories, including helmets, gloves, goggles, boots and all kinds of casual wear, including Beta brand tees and sweat shirts.  We also carry all new Get Dirty Dirt Bikes Shirts, Hats, Bike Graphics and more!

We offer the RR Enduro, RS Dual Sport and now the MotoTrials models for 2014!

We also specialize in Factory Beta Parts and Accessories. Shop online by clicking the link to the right or the “SHOP ONLINE” link above. We also carry official Beta riding gear, casual tees and caps as well as Get Dirty Dirt Bikes new line of shop clothing.

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Get Dirty Dirt Bikes is located at: 49574, 29 Palms Highway in Morongo Valley, California.

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Returning for 2014 with three engine displacements 400cc, 450cc and 520cc, the all new RS Dual Sports have been developed focusing on weight reduction, improved ergonomics and ease of handling. The engines have been improved by a series of local details aimed to improve the already excellent reputation for reliability and performance.

The final result is a bike that is one of the lightest in its class, offering the finest Dual Sport features in the industry, in addition to being the best off road performing Dual Sport on the planet.

2014 Beta RS

Details of the Changes:


Updated silencer/spark arrestor, provides a softer exhaust note while still retaining performance.
On the 400cc engine primary drive has been shortened to further improve engine power and torque delivery.
New decompression system for easy start of the engine in any condition.

New Beta starting cam

Air filter newly designed to improve the power delivery of the engine especially at lower RPM.
New filter cage with improved fit to offer a more secure mounting of the air filter.
Air filter mounting bracket changed to make the locking of the filter even more secure.
Cooling fan kit as standard equipment to reduce engine temps in the extreme conditions.

Beta fan kit  


New frame reinforced at the points of greatest stress and lightened where possible, designed to be stronger and at the same time provide a consistent weight reduction. Same frame used on the RR models.

  • All new wheels including brake discs with a different profile, more rigid with 6 mounting points to the hub, made of high quality steel, they provide extremely strong braking action as well as excellent feel.
  • New hubs, lighter and more rigid at the same time.
  • Rims with a new profile, more resistant to stress and very light at the same time.
  • All new spokes

RS rear wheel

  • The above leads to a weight reduction of 1.5 kg (3.2 lbs) total between the two wheels which provides a tremendous benefit in terms of ease in changing direction, greater acceleration and more effective braking.
  • New swingarm with a new shape and revised thicknesses to provide a greater rigidity, better weight distribution and reduction of the masses of 250 grams (.5 lb)
  • 48mm Sachs front fork
    internal parts completely renovated and .48 kg spring. This allows a better control of the hydraulic system which results in further performance on both low and high speed conditions. In addition, the rebound setting is now managed by a knob for easy adjustment without tool. (Same settings as the Off Road RR Models)

Beta RS front

  • Rear shock absorber with improved settings, 5.4 Kg spring and a larger reservoir to provide a better control of the shock’s action, improved cooling and therefore better performance. In addition, the body of the shock absorber is now made of aluminum allowing a saving of weight of 300 grams (.6 lbs). (Same settings as the Off Road RR Models)
  • Completely new fuel tank, redesigned to offer a better centering of gravity and allow quicker changes of direction. The area around the cap is now lower for ease of movement. Moreover its design improves the air flow from the radiators to help lower engine temperatures.
  • New fuel tank cap with an external thread for easier opening and closing as well as to prevent dirt from falling into the tank.
  • Seat with a new side profile and a different design. It allows greater ease of movement thanks to a narrow upper part, in addition to being lighter.
  • Modified seat mounting system, improved design in the front and new fixing pins in the rear. Still a quick-release design but now a more solid fit.
  • New side radiator shrouds with a design that allows for better flow and increased air circulation in the area around engine head. Their shape provides a very slim feel for an improved riding position while also allows better airflow to the engine.
  • Radiator grids with an optimized shape for directing a greater air flow towards the radiators, while providing the engine improved cooling under extreme conditions of use.
  • New instrumentation with an industry-first Trail Tech Voyager GPS unit as standard equipment! Features include:

GPS Speed, Distance, Compass, Altitude, Temperature, Maps

View, Organize, Edit and Share Entire Trail Systems in 3D

Designed Specifically to Meet the Needs of Off-Road Riders.


Beta RS with Voyager

Trail Tech Voyager Studio

  • Stiffened rear subframe in the back area for better supporting the plate support, lightened and modified to facilitate the replacement of the rear shock.
  • Plate support stiffened by ribs, to enable the use of bulky and heavy license plates too.
  • Air filter box modified to match the new style of the bike.
  • New final gearing ratio of 15/48 to ease gear changes more suitable for off road use.
  • DID o’ring chain for extreme smoothness and best quality.
  • New seat cover with an added pouch for a cell phone or other route sheets.
  • New RS graphics package for a stunning look.

 *Prices will be announced in early September


Get Dirty Dirt Bikes now offers vintage parts for all your restoration projects! We have UNI air filters for Maico, Husky, CZ, and Bultaco. We can get Mikuni carb flanges to adapt your Amal carb to Mikuni. Hodaka, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki Vintage ignition parts.  Vintage restoration is an exact process and you need to have a resource you can trust for quality original and replica parts!

We love vintage bikes, and restoring our Maicos, Husky’s and Hodaka’s have given us the insight, knowledge and access to the right resources to help you with your next restoration project!


100W StatorPlug and Play conversion for 2010-2013 Beta RR and RS Models. Kit includes new stator, and new rectifier and supplies 100 watts of power at idle. This conversion will allow the use of Halogen, LED, or HID lighting.

We are a subsidiary of Dave Turner Adventure Tours LLC and are very active riders and enthusiasts who ride what we sell and love what we do. We are one of the few dealers left who will let you ride a bike before you buy, and we pride ourselves on customer service.  You can reach us at 760-327-0747 and by fax at 760-820-4921. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: dave@getdirtydirtbikes.com

dave turner of get dirty dirt bikes - beta parts and accessories in morongo valley

We offer test rides whenever we are riding in the local area and try to post dates when we plan to ride on our Facebook Fan Page .  We are confident if you ride a Beta bike, you will want one-they are that good!

The difference is clear . . .ALL Beta motorcycles are handcrafted in Florence Italy and come with a limited warranty. 6 months on all RR’s, 12 months on all RS’s. With a winning history in the trials bike market, Beta shares their engineering skills with the off road division offering customers more performance as well as Italian design that is second to none. All models feature electric start with a kick start back up, quiet USFS approved spark arrestors, Braking(tm) rotors, Nissin calipers, Michilin tires, and a parts delivery service that is unmatched in the industry. There are over 170 accessories available in our on-line store including oversize gas tanks, FMF Exhaust, Steering Stabilizers, as well as a host of other goodies. Give us a call, we would love to talk to you about what Beta has for you!


2014 Beta 2-Stroke RR models

New 2-stroke engines arrive to complete the RR Enduro 2013 range of the Tuscany firm The introduction of new 2 stroke engines in the 2T RR Enduro range is one of the highlights of the history of Beta, after the return to the Enduro category in 2004 and the introduction of the 4-stroke engine “made in Beta” in 2009.

These engines are the result of a work that lasted more than 24 months, they were completely designed by Beta and represent a new benchmark in terms of technology, layout and performance of a 2-stroke Enduro engine. Available in 250cc and 300cc displacements, they are manufactured, assembled and tested in-house, to ensure their quality and performance. Lightweight and equipped with the latest generation of technical solutions, they are characterized by very smooth and linear power delivery as well as a reference top power.

The chassis of the RR Enduro 2T has a dedicated frame with optimized geometry for the different characteristics of the bike compared to the 4T version. The suspension has a specific setting while swingarm, wheels, brakes and bodywork is shared with the 4T range.

The bikes are characterized by a now-famous Beta behavior, they are easy to ride thanks to extreme tractability of the engine and the very low weight. The bike’s performance allow riders to compete at the highest levels, benefiting from a proven and improved chassis combined with an engine that is not only reliable and powerful, but also easy to use in extreme conditions.

2013 Beta 4-Stroke RR Models

New Enduro RR 2013 from the Tuscany firm are completely renovated The long-awaited BETA Enduro 4T 2013 are finally arriving. They benefit from a long and deep development, not only in the design but also in experience gained from off road competitions around the World.

Available in four engine displacements 350cc – 400cc – 450cc and 498cc, RR Enduro 4T 2013 have been developed focusing on weight reduction, improved ergonomics and ease of handling under race conditions. The engines have been improved by a series of local details aimed to improve the already excellent reputation for reliability and performance.

The final result is a bike that is one of the lightest in its class, with an excellent riding position appreciated by both racers and hobby riders who will benefit from special Beta handling and stability, in addition to the exceptional performance.


Get Dirty Dirt Bikes is an authorized Race Tech Service Center.We are now offering custom suspension service for all Dirt Bikes and Dual Sport Motorcycles. Customize your bike to meet your riding style with custom valving, correct spring rate and Gold Valve Replacement Pistons.

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