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It all started way back in 1976 with two friends who had two greatest  love in common: motorcycles and racing. Thanks to the excellent quality  and high performance of their motorcycles, that small Pesaro enterprise  became in just a few years a force to be reckoned with. The pioneers of  TM, Claudio Flenghi and Francesco Battistelli (or rather “Mr Engine”  and “Mr Frame”) are two childhood friends of the same age who have spent  a large part of their lives in direct contact with the world of  motorcycles.

In 1977 the two friends left their respective occupations and founded  their motorcycle making enterprise which was registered under the name  of TM (from the initials of the names of the sons of Flenghi and  Battistelli – Thomas and Mirko). Still in 1977, a bike was entrusted to  Gastone Serafini, a young rider from Pesaro, who was to be a determining  figure in helping Battistelli in developing the bike and who would go  on to achieve competition results of the highest level.

At the 1977 Milan Motorcycle Show TM was to attain unexpected success  that would urge it to move its premises from Flenghi’s small workshop  to a new and more well equipped factory located in the Pesaro industrial  zone. It was in exactly this period that the Serafini family stepped in  to became part of the organisation and in so doing the production  figure of 200 moto cross bikes was reached in 1978.

In 1979 TM expanded its racing team adding Tommaso Lolli alongside  Gastone Serafini, the bike continued to develop and it was in this year  too that the first TM enduros were built. In 1982 Battistelli decided to  leave TM and his place was taken over by Gastone Serafini who, having  reached the end of his professional racing career, decided to join  Flenghi full time in running the company. The following years saw a  succession of different riders at the controls of TM motorcycles  achieving excellent results both nationally and internationally, with  equally excellent results in the Kart sector, where TM and its bikes  soon became a leader.

The philosophy that has always distinguished TM is without doubt the  choice of materials, which must always be of the highest quality, and  the workmanship, even defined by some as “obsessive”, not to mention the  high performance of the engines used on the standard bikes, in many  cases far superior to those of the most prestigious competitors. This  justifies the prices of these jewels of engineering that appeal to a  niche market made up of very demanding customers. They can in fact  purchase a standard product with which to race in high level  competition.

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TM Racing Factory : Pesario Italy

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